Hopscotch Coding Fandom Competition!



I know.

I’m so awkward, sorry



I wish I could do this but i can’t do pixel art so


Well I don’t think you have to do all of them.


I can make our topic…@Kayro


You don’t have to do pixel art, but it’s your choice.


Sorry but the Star Wars Fandom Team is filled…


There is currently one other Fandom, the Hunger Games one…I think two people are in it already.


Where did u find the teams
Like how did you know
I can’t find it on here


There isn’t an official list. You can start your own though. The only ones right now where the Star Wars one and the Hunger Games one. I think @photographer123 wants to start a Hamilton one.


Gtg to school
Cya later


I replied to the post about the Hunger Games one. Tag Sensei Coder if you want to join.


Okay, awesome! I wasn’t going to be part of a group anyway I’m horrible at coding.


Can u add the Star Wars team in @Autumn_Leaves?
It’s members r…
Kayro (Background)
HopscotchRemixer (Game)
PinkCupcake8 (Pixel Art)
NindroidGames (Trail Art)


Also can i report on this topic?
Aka can I talk about this topic?
Aka can I ask questions about this topic?
For news purposes?



Ok I’ll add you.
Feel free to report anything about this on the newspaper. I might get an ad.


OK! So umm how did you come up with the idea anyways?


Well, I came up with the idea because I was creating a Harry Potter Pixel art, which is one of my fandoms, and so I had the idea of a competition of coding fandoms.







Can you be in multiple teams?