Hopscotch Coding and Art School! (H.C.A.S.)



It’s ok! Your going to be a student right? You can complete the assignment in your time zone, don’t worry


I’d really like music because I’m working on making songs right now and it’s not exactly easy XD


Any more people wanna join? We need some more teachers


Any more people wanna join?



Yes it does matter


Then you answered yOur own question.


How does the schedule work?


Any time your on, you complete those classes in those order if the teacher has posted any


Oh okay, I understand. I will post some tutorials soon :slight_smile:


Ok thank you!

@WynterDiamond and @DECODECO, since we are low on teachers and you guys wanted to be teachers more more subjects, I will add you guys.




Also, I would like to be added to “moving trail art” (except for the shadow 'cause I have 99% no idea how to do those, so) too, thanks


Should I add that category?


Plz come people! We need some more students!


Sorry AI still think this is too similar to HS Academy…


That’s your opinion
I’m not gonna judge it


@Explorer_ when is this starting?


When we get another few students