Hopscotch Coder Society Weekly challenges



Hello @omtl.

We have decided to revive this project, but with some changes. From now on the HCS will host weekly challenges. To gain Journeyman coder or Master coder will no longer be such a long process. The leaders of the Hopscotch Coder Society will grant the titles to anyone. If you choose to participate in the challenges, your performance will be saved as a score. This score will be available to you upon request.

This score will not directly affect anything, however it will be taken into account when granting Journeyman Coder and Master Coder titles.

The first weekly challenge will be placed in the post below.

In other news, we have decided to grant titles to various users.
@jedi4jesus is now a Journeyman Coder.


First weekly challenge:
Create a game involving airplanes. Reply with a link.


I already created it.


What about Journeying Coder or something?
To make it more general?


Airplanes specifically, or aircrafts in general?




I’ll start soon!!!
I’m going on a plane on Monday, to NZ!
Can’t wait to start!


NZ? I live there!
Are going to the South Island or North?




Oh,ok! I’ve heard that South Island has mind blowing views!