Hopscotch code crack


This is a different version inspired when I heard build an snowman talking to someone he said BAS isn't a code it's his name. But here is how it goes I say some things then you crack the code and you get 1 level more. Please ask me to join cause I need to edit you onto this page. Here's code 1. mp s sme. that's the code so crack it and you get a level. It's hard but you get infinite tries. This is HS related cuz you get a prize at the end. First Pearson to get to 10 levels wins the prize then this thing ends.

RULES ARE NO MEAN LANGUAGE OR FIGHTS .AND YOU CAN FORM TEAMS AND THE TEAM CAN GET A TEAM PRIZE BUT DONT CHOOSE TEAMS YET CAUSE TEAM LIMITS ARE 3 people per team and team prizes may not be as awsome as single prizes. So wait till prize selections come out then choose teams cuz once a team is chosen you can't go back and choose different people. Now after you read this crack the code and tell me then you get 1 level and single people are not allowed to get help from other people only tams can help their team mates. Ok bye!:blush:




I don't know what that means so plz rephrase


I think it means his name.... also, I'm sorry about the other day.... I wanna make it up to you.


What day I don't know what you mean


Wait oh ya sorry about that


Ehhhh tuesday.... but that doesn't matter. I would like to do this challenge when i can, tho!


Ok ya sorry about Tuesday I was really salty and mean and I should prob code an apology sometime tonight when I have time also I'll add your name on the challenge list


No, you don't have to make an apology project! It's okay. Also, thanks! (I said I will do it when I have time, so more like when I have free time during school or at home.)


Just think of possibilities the letters could be also the code makes a word when you add letters onto it


Okee! I has to go now, but hopefully I will be able to do dis in da morning!


Ok il prob be here hanging around on topics cause I can't sleep


Man, I love a good code!




Code is mp s sme now add letters to that and it becomes a phrase and you have your code cracked if it's right


Add letters? You didn't tell me.