Hopscotch club to promote coding!



Ok everyone this is my best idea yet! And don’t worry @DogWithAPen imma make this so you can understand! :grinning: so if we can talk to THT we could make a coding club everyone can do! It will be every 2 weeks, everone is encouraged to do it, no one will be laughed at if a mistake is made, or forced to do it! There will be a prize for everyone I guess?! Maybe top 5, each week there will be a different theme

Rules: so for THT to know you did it either tag them on the forum or remix it off the project they made on hopscotch! Everyone will know about it because it will be featured! Also be supportive I know we all would want to win but if someone needs help be a good friend and help them! :grinning:

Goals for this coding club: the main goal is to promote coding and make people aware of what coding is, and that its fun! There are a lot of artists to maybe we can turn us artists in to ARTISTS AND CODERS! I think that’s it if there’s any questions and or concerns let me know!

@OMTL @POMTL @Liza @awesomeonion thanks for reading this if you did! :blush: and its ok if we can’t do it, its just an idea! Hope this made since :wink:


Was this even a good idea :neutral_face:


Cool! I’m sure many people will like this!
I sadly don’t have hopscotch, but I’ll be sure to help with code bugs and ideas!


If you have another coding site you could you use that maybe?,and post it to the forum!?


Hmm, I don’t have another coding sight, but I could get hopscotch back


This is flipping amazing


What? The topic or my reply?


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is approve.

Maybe put it in #meta-hopscotch instead.


Everything my dud evetything.


Good idea. Email THT if you want to get there attention


This is a good idea!


Okie thanks!!!:grin:




Oh good idea thanks!!!


This is such a good idea!!!

Awesome!!! :smile:


Thanks a bunch!!! :grin:


I want to join, or submit my entries! Is there any topic or is it anything you want it to be? Good idea!


Oh I still need to THT and they need to approve it and I don’t know there email…:sweat_smile:


Great idea!! I love it!! It will definetly help coders to get inspiration!


It’s liza@gethopscotch.com