Hopscotch Clan! (Clash of Clans/Clash Royale)




I couldn't find a clan to join, so I have a question for you guys:

Should I make a Hopscotch clan in the game Clash of Clans?

  • Yeah!
  • No!
  • I don't play Clash of Clans!


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I play it what is the clan name?


I didn't make it yet! I just want to see if people want it first! :smile:


Okay I am quinnd2006 just to let you know though!


What is your username @rawrbear?


NickTheMajestic! :grin:


Can you go head and make the clan Nick?


I can't now, I'm at school! I use Bluestacks on a computer to play CoC, so I have to be home! :\


You are at school at 7:05 p.m?


6:06*, and yes! My ride comes late. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh you are in central well still it's late!


I know! :yum:


MAKE IT @Rawrbear. Sorry I'm so forceful. I play clash of clans though. I also play Clash Royale. :wink:


ANNOUNCEMENT: When I get on my computer, I'm making it! :D


Cool! I am joining...


When the clan is made I will join. I'm not going to say my username here but it has "fortress" in it.


I made it!

It's called "Le Hopscotchers" since "the" didn't fit! :yum:

Send me an invite, and I'll let you in! :D


Clash Royale is the best! @HoppingBanana


I have 2 accounts in clash of clans :laughing: im going to make one of mine join. Dont ask me how its kinda complicated.