Hopscotch City!



Hi! When I was at a park, an idea hit me. Hopscotch City! You can code a building (Office, house, etc.) and give it a name. Then, we can open it up in the City. The city may be an account. It could be really fun!

If you are confused, heres a little summary: If an account is made, then you can code all types of things on there! Please, do not publish a real place.

If we cant make an account, I will publish a city on my profile. (I dont know anything else right now).

If you decide to participate, be creative! If you make, for example, a hospital, dont call it Hopscotch Hospital. Be creative!




Nice topic!


Please use the offical tag list. :slight_smile:
I don't know what this is for


Please use the OMTL, these could be flagged as spam...


Where is the OMTL? I used the 'details' list, which I thought people used in posts........


Details just hide it. It doesn't make it allowed.


Nice, reminds me of the hotel a bit in a great way :smiley: it's cool!

I would join if I had time..


I'm closed for collaboration, sorry!


@Rawrbear, did you just change your profile pic? Cuz if you did, I saw it change!


Yeah, but I need to recrop it, so I changed it back :P


Cool. I remember in 2014 there were things with the same name, but not the same idea. I might do this.


May I join I love community sharing accounts and stuff like that!!!!


@Sprouse please can you make an account now!!!!


Agh. You see, I dont know how. I was just saying that its possible. :grimacing:


it is possible!!!!!!


Yes, it is. It is possible. I just dont know how.


I do it's very easy!


Would you like to make it? You dont have to. If so, name the username Hopscotch City and reply back here when your done. At a time when we are both on, you can share the password with me. (I dont want the account getting hacked).


Can I make something on it? Oh, have you made it yet?