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I'm thinking of making a hopscotch themed book!
@CreativeCoder and @Hoppertoscotch inspired me!
It's going to be about 5 hopscotchers who have to save hopscotch city from being destroyed by a a group of people called the "Zopscotchers" (i dunno how I came up with the name)!
I need some characters for the book so tell me if you want to be one!


What's your Characters name?
What Character do you want to be?
What do you want your character to look like?
What's your characters personality? (Flaws)
Please note that your character might not be the mighty hero of the book, and that characters might come and go.


Main Characters (FULL):

Zopscotchers (FULL):

Leaders of Hopscotch city (FULL):

Residents of hopscotch City (3 more):

Leader of Forum headquarters (FULL):

Thank you!
P.S chapter 3 is released!

Hopscotch City! Chapter 3 Released!

What Character do you want to be? Leader of forum headquarters
What do you want your character to look like? Girl, Long Brunette wavy hair pale skin wears rainbow flowey crop tops and shorts with long neon socks and has a pet Pegasus and has a unicorn horn. And has a pet potato that talks. Cyan tips, grown out bangs, and majestic wings and has epic cat ears. And bluey green eyes.
What's your characters personality? (Flaws) funloving but easily bored, loves riding pegasuses but is afraid of heights and hates boats
Please note that your character might not be the mighty hero of the book, and that characters might come and go.

Also when you introduce me (show me for the first time) can I be sitting in a spinny chair stroking my pet potato and then have my bangs in my face saying I've been expecting you. Then jump out like JK and then laugh. Then introduce myself and do awesome things and pretend it's no big deal? Thanks!

Changed it For the last time. This is my final character


What Character do you want to be? Main

What do you want your character to look like? She has long black hair with side bangs. Her ends re royal blue and the ends of her bangs are royal blue. She has soft black eyes. She has soft pale skin.

What's your characters personality? (Flaws) Shes shy but mysterious, she knows how to fight, Even when she isn't supposed to take charge she does anyway. Shes beautiful but she hates it. When needed her black angle wings come out.


I'll be a main character or something.
She looks like a 17 year old girl with long brown hair and hazel eyes. the ends of her hair are dark blue and she wears a dark green hairband. her clothes are mostly white and black.
Personality: She enjoys some of the simpler things in life and she's really honest. the downsides is that she's really really stubborn and aggressive.
I'm okay if she isn't the hero or a main character. I just only want a part.

And if it fits the timeline of the story she has a sword.


Character: I dunno. Main or leader of Hopscotch city I guess.

Looks: I'm a girl, I have brown eyes, my hair is dark brown, straight, and long, and I could be wearing a gray hoodie if you need that. I have tan/light-ish skin.

Personality: If you read Hopscotchified I'm the POV character. I can list traits again if you want, but I don't want to now :stuck_out_tongue:

It's cool you got inspiration from me :D

I also don't care if I'm a villain if you need me to be one.


I'll be a main character (preferredly) and will NOT want to be a Zopscotcher.

Character: ? I don't get this part
Character looks: Rainbow-colored hair, peach skin, always wearing bright, vibrant, matching clothes
Character personality: Is creative, loves art, is better at drawing on an iPad compared to paper, hates math, is good at grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, (I gues you call this "English class"? I don't know, we're homeschooled and don't have any classes) etc. Loves animals, cats, birds, cute cats, etc. Loves magical creatures, unicorns, fairies, magic, anything magic-related or magical, etc. Kind of like me.
And I could NOT do with being a villain.


Can I be a main character?
I want to have long brown hair with side bangs to your left. I have peach skin and grey eyes. I want round Harry Potter glasses and a lightning shaped scar in your left side of my forehead. It tells me when Zopscotchers are mad, near, or happy, or just committed crime. I can see them doing things in my mind.
Her personality is very very Gryffindor and much of a Ravenclaw. She can help but gets into trouble with evil and has a habit for being a joker and splashes hot water in her friends faces. Loves breaking things.
I help the other characters A LOT and my name in the book can be Hermione-Ginerva Potter, but they can choose to call me Potter.
My character is very very smart and clever and has great grammar.


I can NOT do with being a villain I am no Voldemort.


I want to be the leader of hopscotch forums or main character
character: A guy
character looks: Link-ish hair (google it) that is purple. Peachy skin and red eyes. Tshirt that is purple and jeans that are light blue
Character personality: a calm person who moniters and protects others.


Can I be in it? My characters personality is:
Happy all the time,
My character looks like:
Has long brown hair, light skin, green eyes, and a purple hairband. The clothes don't matter.



My name shall be Amber (NOT MY REAL. NAME)
Bubbly is an awesome adjective @Dude73
My profile pic for my YouTube should help what I look like (except I want cyan tips)

Oh yeah and @Dude73 that reminds me my character is also really weird.


What's your Characters name? Banana

What Character do you want to be? Leader of Hopscotch City

What do you want your character to look like? Long brown hair. Freckles. Blue eyes

What's your characters personality? (Flaws) positive, nice

Please note that your character might not be the mighty hero of the book, and that characters might come and go.


My characters name is Terrkia or Aura.


Thank you for accepting me.



@tankt2016 What name do you want?

Main Characters, Leaders of Hopscotch, and Leader of Forum headquarters are FULL


You can do my fake writing name, which is Caia. I don't know, LP made it XD


I will be a zopscotcher (whatever that is) and my name can be Evangeline, Evie for short.


My name is Mai


1. Chene
2. Hopscotch City Resident
3. I'm a golden bird, with a wing span of 2 feet. I have long legs, and deep red eyes. I also have a super sharp beak.
4. I can speak (but I'm not perfect) and I seem to follow people around aimlessly, and many residents of the city know me as "Smart Flying Gold" (Or S.F.G) because when I hear someone ask a question, I answer. I'm very smart at every subject, and I came from a lab experiment of putting a hawk on a diet of wood with gold shavings for one month. Lastly, some people don't trust me and sometimes test me because I have red eyes, which because of this, I'm very protective over myself and anyone touching me can make me attack people.

The main reason for this character is that during big fights, you can see me flying in the sky. Also, sometimes when a character asks a question, I just barge in to either answer, make corrections, or give suggestions.

To @Destined_Taco1

I am thankful you have been inspired by me and CreativeCoder. I hope this story comes out well, and I can't wait to read it!! Also, are you gonna have anyone help you? Cause I'd be happy to help!


My own name: Razor