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Hello! Now, before you say it… I have some pretty bad experience with clubs and competitions
I’ve tried to start countless comps and topics but turns out they were duplicates. But I’ve finally found something that I’m super passionate about, hasn’t been done, and represents what I’m all about. Charity and raising awareness. My aim is to raise awareness and kindness throughout every member of Hopscotch and the forum.

One thing I’m especially passionate about is leukaemia. Someone very, very dear to my heart has been lost to leukaemia. Because of this, I am determined to find a cure for cancer when I am older. But I always tell myself that little steps first matter… My first goal is to teach anyone about it, who wants to know about it, on the forum and on the app.

And the Hopscotch Charity Club doesn’t only focus on this one cause. Anyone who wishes to join can contribute their own cause or social themes relevant to today that they are passionate about. This could include the environment, safe schools, anything. One of my favourite quotes is by one of my favourite authors, Roald Dahl. It says; ‘somewhere inside all of us is the power to change the world.’

And I completely agree. If we can get as many people as we can on board, this tiny little club could achieve so much and could fulfil so many people’s dreams. So, if you come across this topic, please stop and think. Think about how much you could achieve. In one year, I have been blessed enough to have earnt good money for charity through a coat drive, bake stall and knitting fundraiser.

After gathering some members, I will create a joint account on Hopscotch, called the Hopscotch Charity Club, for anyone to post projects raising awareness about one cause they are passionate about. On this topic, we can discuss project ideas, and charity causes we can raise awareness for. Feel free to @ me with questions about the club, or reply to this topic on ideas of project campaigns and issues you are passionate.

For those beautiful people who have read this rather chunky topic introduction and/or wish to join the Hopscotch Charity Club, kudos for you. Thank you so much and have a great day!


P.S. Down here I will tag some people who may be interested or who I know have causes they are passionate about. I’m sorry if I tag you and you did not wish to be disturbed, just let me know if that’s the case:

If u know any more people who would be interested, pls tag them to this topic. Thank you so much!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


The espresso machine has spoken:
This topic is approved.


Thanks @Espresso.Machine
U don’t know how much that means to me after so many failed attempts to start a club/topic :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:


Hm, I’ll consider joining. I’m a big pro-life supporter and I definitely appreciate organizations that help with self-harm.


Thanks for ur reply, @sophia71205! It’s great to know I have someone on board with the idea. I totally agree with your causes and social issues as well :slight_smile:


Same as me… I’m gonna do the worlds greatest shave I think…

Should I???

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I’m gonna join


Nice! Maybe we can have a forum version and a hs version? Someone can man each section?


This is a good idea!


yeh ima join


I WANT TO JOIN!!! Here is my speech which has something to do with the leukemia part whenever I get shots I’m not scared THINK ABOUT IT people with cancer or like diabetes get shots every day (sorry if I’m wrong) but people with cancer probably need an iv I think that’s what you call it…but we are very fortunate not to have cancer like leukemia.


@TheGreatCatsby I have to join! Please may I join?!?


I’m not really passionate about anything but I guess I’ll join for a bit.


Hi, @Ducks_Happy! Of course u can join! It makes me so happy to see someone who’s really enthusiastic about the cause, thank u so much!



Thanks, @Kitty4U. If u don’t feel like the Hopscotch Charity Club is your thing, u can always leave, don’t feel like I’m putting u under any pressure or anything. But it would be great if u could join for a bit to see what it’s like. Thanks for ur reply and have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m so in! This sounds amazing! I am also passionate about Alzheimer’s which is a disease that effects the memory of mostly older people! I might actually start making a project right now to spread awareness and possibly have some more people to join this club.


Your welcome!!! And thanks you for letting me know


when u gona make the colab account?


@TheGreatCatsby I’d like to join! I had a grandfather who lost his life to cancer five years or so ago.


Hey there, @PartTimeFemale! I’ll announce the club on my original hopscotch account first. I may wait until at least ten ppl decide to join, and then I’ll make the collab account. The username will be HopscotchCharityClub and the password will be ‘kindness.’ Thanks for asking, tho!