Hopscotch Charades


Hey Everybody! Over the March Break I made two games. One game is a recreation of Pong, the other one is Charades!
Here are the rules:
Put the device on your forehead.
Press the Play! button
Other people have to act or describe the Hopscotch character, or mimic the Hopscotcher.
Swipe to your right after you know the word.
If you wanna pass, swipe left.
Remix it with yo score.
Make sure your friends know about Hopscotch before you play.
Have Fun!


I've seen the real app! :D


Amazing! I will play it soon! (It will look kind of silly playing it at the breakfast table while eating frozen bananas.)


Wooop! Doing the same thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gimme some ideas!


Lol, my best friend made this game and he made this topic, I only discovered it out now :yum:


He uses my account, but I do most of the projects and I'm active a lot on the forum


I play the real game too! May I please have a link?