Hopscotch Characters



Here are some (very) quick sketches of some hopscotch characters that would be nice being added.


Potential. Not final. Am I making sense?

Let's Add More Characters!

Really cool drawings! I really like the giraffe :slightly_smiling:


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Very cool but I don't think they will make it into hopscotch because they would have to be sent to the Artist and it take long to make the characters and the hopscotch team would have to modify hopscotch to fit those characters bit once again very cool sketches @PopTart0219


I love the picture! I would love the cat to be in, I love cats!!! :smiley_cat:


Here are some very very quick sketches of some characters that I'd like to be in hopscotch

How do you like them?


I started a chat about new charecters here


I made a little character, his name is Choco Chip


I just made a drawing:


I drew a very bad picture of the wizard

im not very good at drawing on my ipad


I really like them :sunglasses:


That drawing is so cool


This is glove-0. He is a very cranky boxing glove. His favorite word is Knuckle.



Lel one of @PopTart0219 s first topics


Let's pretend this never happened