Hopscotch Card Game (Tell me if you want to be a card)


I was bored. So I did this.
Maybe a card game. Opinions?

Cards are gone for now for some edits.

If you want a card, you have to agree to take no offense if I make your card weaker than you would like.

Game Rules

When the game starts, each player draws 5 cards from their deck of 40 cards. The players take turns playing a maximum of two cards. Different cards have different health, ATK, and Special Effects. There are also special effects involved in many card specials. Like the "Suspension" effect. In the game some cards can give flags to another card. When another card has enough flags, a card like PopTart0219 can suspend them. Each player has their own health, which starts off at 200. You have to deal damage directly to the opponent to defeat them, and you cannot attack directly without making sure there are no cards on the opponent's side of the field. Also, one last thing I forgot when writing. Whenever a card attacks another card, it takes damage equal to the ATK of another card.If you have any questions, just ask.


:0 wut kind of gaem would it be? how would we play it? laik trading pokemon cards?
maek mee a common plz i beg u


You should make this a game!
It's a really cool idea!


This idea is AWESOME!


I legit have no idea what it would be like. I think I would incorporate statistics for each card and make a battle system. Yes you can be a common.


idk what structure it could be like either :P

Maybe attacks like spam like, close, open, and stuffs.


Neat idea!
I like to take screenshots in different video games and make Yugioh and Pokemon cards out of them.
Would there be evolutions, like in pokemon? XD
Dunno how that would work!


Pop T art0219

looks cool though!


No, there would not. I cannot make that work on my own.


This is a cool idea! Is there's going to be different levels of each card?


This is such a cool idea!
I feel like it would be easier if hopscotch had a lot of things like scratch, like cloud data and uploading pictures in projects.

It will probably be hard to do this in hopscotch. Like I said before scratch has more blocks to work with.


Can I try an make a card? Idk, it's just for fun.


This would be awesome!!!

Could I be a card you think?


I could help you @Nerd4Ever!


It's not as good as yours @Nerd4Ever:


we need this!
maybe some creatures that are all around hopscotch can be commons
and maybe some forum users can be rare/legendary


I never planned to make this with HS.


Oh what did you plan to make it on?


I'm not completely sure, but I was considering Scratch or GMS.


Anybody want to be on a card?