Hopscotch can be a better place


Hi everyone, it just seems that Hopscotch is getting a bit, uh, rude. Not to say that the leaders are rude or anything, but I've seen lots of mean things on hopscotch. Like, someone put I hate SmileyAlyssa as their username. Lots of other people use I hate something as their username. I just think hopscotch could get ruined, and because there's lots of rude things going on, people are leaving because of that especially when they are hurt by others. So, who's with me? Could someone help? @Liza or just SOMEONE? Here's a poll of what you think.

  • I agree hopscotch needs to be a bit safer
  • I think hopscotch is fine
  • I am leaving right now
  • I am one of the bullies on hopscotch but I will stop ■■■■■■■■ and make hopscotch a better place
  • I am one of the bullies on hopscotch and I will keep making hopscotch the worst place


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I agree. I've seen a lot of hate around the forum recently and that's not good!


Nice topic! Here's a like. :heart:


Love this topic!!!


Agreed we all sort of dropped down and hill at one point! Let's get back up!