Hopscotch Bug Fixing / Reporting


Hello, anyone from Hopscotch and the beta. Please report any bugs you find here so that the Hopscotch Team can fix them.

State the version and then the bug.

Here’s one I found already:
3.0: I haven’t ever logged out of my account to switch to another until recently, so I don’t know how long it’s been around, but I stopped getting any notifications from that point on.

The Bugs Topic for hs!

It's crashing a lot on me, then I suddenly have 5 new drafts with monkeys that I did not create. When I play the drafts, Hopscotch crashes again.


That may be for iPhone, but on the iPad the drafts delete successfully.


I had that bug, too! I have no idea how the two monkey null drafts appeared, but I believe it happened when I closed Beta and opened again!


Yeah, they can be deleted. But how do they appear?


Strange, never happened to me.


Good Question. IDK
What causes bad connection and unexpected events in code?


I'll keep investigating...

Also, I found a bug:

  1. Open anh online/published project.
  2. Tap back right away when on the loading screen.
  3. Go to your drafts. The project that you opened should be in the drafts!


Wait, how do I get the beta?


I had that bug draft too on this iPad!


Apps Can't Be Perfect, But I Think This Is A Smart Idea Having A Topic To Report Bugs!!


Thanks! :slight_smile:
– Awesome_E


I found a bug or two in Hopscotch 3.1.0

  1. Trash can does not work in older projects
  2. Object now shows the cloud bubble on the top left of the Sprite when deleting rather than the middle/touch position.

Anything else? I’m sure there’s more.

@Liza, can you maybe look at these?
Also, would it be easy to switch back to the old editor by adding an option? (I really hope you just did something like /*this*/ (comment) to the code rather than deleting it – that would make it a lot easier)

Why do my topics never get more than 1 or 2 replies a time?


There is the cloud thing and it saves 1/1 drafts, but when I click on the draft it saved, it is empty.


That’s strange.


New Topic Category: BUGS!

(Who wouldv’e guessed?)


I already posted this, but the HSB description has raw format .

\n\n (Right before “Try setting Hue…”)


Can you create a new topic about this bug? Thanks!


Why a new topic exactly?


Why a new topic?