Hopscotch break!



Hello! I may not be on hopscotch or the forum for at least a week. That is because of the holidays, not just that, but people coming over. Our really good friends ( also they were babysitters to us ) are coming for Easter! I am excited! And then when they leave, my grandparents on my moms side are coming! So sorry if I am not on hopscotch for a few days xD


Have fun reuniting with your friends and family!


Thank you @SmileyPanda !


Have a great time! Your friends sound nice, I hope you have a fun Easter!


Thank you SmileyAlysssa!


They are not coming till Friday! ( Tommorow) so if you were wondering:D


:frowning: they can't come till Saturday because the older one has schoolwork :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:


I'm not going to be on the forum much after 5:30 because my cousins (including intellection74), my grandparents, and great grandpa are coming over to dye Easter eggs with us!


You and @Intellection74 are related?! :0


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Cool! :D


Have Fun!!! Happy Easter! Well today is Good Friday but it's almost Easter!


That's so cool you guys are related! Have fun!


Thanks! emmabutterfly444 is related to me too. She is my sister. She doesn't do hopscotch much though. I practically forced her to get hopscotch. :joy: