Hopscotch book?



I know there's already a conversation for this but I was wondering if we could make a different book and see how they compare! Do you think this is a good idea?


What kind of book are you talking about?


Maybe a book about someone leaning on hopscotch and solving problems, a tip book with quotes from some of the best hopscotch hers, or just a book about the hopscotch Charecters.


Sounds pretty interesting!


Would you be interested or just wondering?


Yeh. I'm starting to get interested


Sorry about yesterday, the bot was blocking out all my posts cause of a glitch. If your still interested, let me know!


@SmilingSnowflakes the glitch stopped, so you can send it me when you have it :grinning:


Okay! That's great. :D


I'm still interested :wink:


Do you have Microsoft Word?


Well, um....I don't really know how to use it. I only use google docs


I have google docs too!


K couldn't figure out how to make a noon in google docs! If you could show me, I can convert it.


Do you know how to make a book on google Google docs

PS: sorry I didn't reply earlier, I thought I did!


@Paydent12 I finished the book cover!
Sorry it took so long. :D

Here is a link!


Wow! That's good. I kinda forgot about it


Thank you! :D