Hopscotch Book Storyline



I've been noticing people have been making these books about stuff....So I decided I want to do it too! I will be creating new characters and you guys get to come up with the story. Some people might even get to make their own character! :smile: I am using @Madi_Hopscotch_'s book template so all credit to her except the text! There are only 10 characters in the book I think. I don't even know what I should make it about. :neutral_face: Okay, I'll edit this and add characters as people show up. I don't think anyone will though, but this is just for fun! I will check back in maybe 15 hours or more so sign up! Gotta go to bed thanks!


I'll be in the book


Can I be in the book?


Okay you guys can be in it.


I gotta go eat lunch I'll be back.



Do you know what the characters will be yet


Take a poll on what the story should be about.

  • New Hopscotcher trying hopscotch out
  • hopscotch person trying out the hopscotch forum
  • Person who goes to a new school
  • Person who has cancer and struggles dealing with it
  • Person who lost their mom/dad
  • IDK
  • Idea that is not up here (post it)



May I please join the story.


Yeah you can. I'll make a sign up so you can be in it. :slight_smile:


I closed the poll. we are now doing new hopscotcher trying out hopscotch.
Writers: @LotsaPizza/@VanillaBlossom
Best Friend of new hopscotcher introducing her/him (female): @TallAOnForum
Puppy or Cat: @Sugarisyummy
Hopscotcher who introduces new hopscotchers:
2nd Best Friend of new hopscotcher introducing her/him:
New Hopscotcher (female): @WinningMonkey
Sorry I couldn't make 10 characters, I ran out of ideas!


Could I be the new hopscotcher


I love hopscotch story's! Great idea @VanillaBlossom


Can I be the best friend?


Okay, can I have your gender picks? What do you want the character's gender to be.


Okay, I'm going to edit the character list.


My character is Female


Got it, should add it to the list.


I'm a female to please


Can I be a puppy! Please?


Soooooo many of these now! And I still forgot to publish my first chapter! :O! I need to do that!