Hopscotch book! (really)


Okay, so you may be thinking that this is a book on Hopscotch, right?


Le XD.
This is a real book, expect as not to share personal info, it will be by tankt2016*.

*Should I do that, or not?

  • yes
  • no


I will post chapters and pages here, and you can give me some feedback!
Tell me if you want to be in the story!


Is it like a memories book or something like that?


No, just a general book, like the 100 page book. XD


I would like to be in it!


Whats it going to be about?


Um... There's a topic for book-writing!
(Imagination is cool! -huggingfluffybear)
Remember to SBYP


What does SBYP mean im dum.b


This is not for that. :D

It is a Hopscotch book.

Like a real book.

SYBP means Search Before You Pst. :D


Thansk for telling meh :3


You are welcome! :D


I want to be in it



I will have to remember all these names...


PLOT:nice potato dies and everyone in this topic needs to revive nice potato by killing evil potato!


There will be Potatoes! XD


Going off! Will try to do book on July 10th!


Can I help write it too, brother?


May I be in it cause I would love to be in a the book!!


May I please be in the book? Thanks.


I'd like to be in!
watches topic


Sounds cool!!!!!!!!!