Hopscotch Book! (Draft Shown)



Im making a Hopscotch book as you might know. I was wondering if you guys wanted to see the draft? (Vote on @AHappyCoder's reply)

  • Yes
  • Not right now
  • Wait until it's finished


I hope this fixes the poll :smiley:.


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Thanks, im still new. :grin:


Making the story or fixing the poll?


I think that's @AHappyCoder that made the poll, not @PopTart0219. ;)


Oh sorry. Ill fix that. They both have green backgrounds in there pictures. Thanks for catching it!


Ill give the vote another 10 minutes.


You can @ me in 10 minutes to get me to close the poll :wink:.


You can close the poll now please :grinning:


I closed it :smiley:.


I guess Im revealing the first draft. I only have 2 chapters done, Im working a front cover, and sorry if there are any mistakes! Please point them out!
PS: I have never shared a Microsoft word document, so please alert me if it reveals any personal information!

Edit: This is an old draft! Please keep in mind @Niftynia75, @SabotageWarning, and I are working on a new one.


By the way, I already noticed a mistake on the last page. There is a random blank.


What did you think about it so far?

  • Good!
  • Bad
  • Needs improvement (If so, please comment why!)



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This is officially the official topic for the book!


The book should be released end of March or early April (Hopefully)


I think we're done! Go check it out!


I'm adding some more....


@Paydent12 do you think we could meet on the doc at 5:00?