Hopscotch book :D (Currently being written)



Ok so. I'm been having a book idea in mind for quite some time and finally decided to start to write. But there's some stuff I got to do before I start. And I promise when I finish the HS story, I'll put it in HS.

Characters (0 spots left)

Ok. So I do need need characters. They will all be major. Some will appear later in the story. Sorry! Anyway if you want to have a character in the book. Fill this form.

What would they do if a stranger was in trouble:
Stuff I might need to know about:

I will let you know if you're character is accepted. :D

Writers & Editors

Ok. So first things first. Do not tell me your email. I'm pretty sure Liza said no email sharing and I have to respect that. I have to know your email already or you know mine. I'm not telling my email either. If I know your email and you want to be one of those just ask below, and I'll send an email of a form you have to complete. If you know mine, just send me an email asking to be a writer or editor. I'll send the form.

My Hopscotch story idea

I don't want to share too much. But it has to do with Banyan Tree. Something bad happened to it and now the characters have to do something to save it. It may sound boring to some but oh well. The characters have to go on a long journey to try and save the tree. They meet other characters who help along the way. The question is, will they help Banyan Tree in time?

Ok. Thanks for reading. :D

A wave of silence washes over my topic .-.


Name: Sky
Personality: She is kind and fearful. Shes shy but kind. She always does the right thing. She is mysterious and knows how to fight well.
Appearance: Long black hair with a blue strip. Shes beautiful. She has black eyes and fair skin. She wears a black crop top with a blue and white diamond on it. She always wears jeans and black boots.
Age: 14
Gender: Girl:
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble: Depending on the situation she would go up and help them. Her kindness would show through. If she ever got in trouble and the stranger tricked her, she would know how to fight to get away.
Stuff I might need to know about: She loves to sing and act as a passion but no body knows she did until she was caught, now she has extreme shyness.


Accepted! :D

She will be a character met near the beginning.


Ok cool thanks!


heres my entry!
Name: Olivia
Personality: bubbly, fun, happy
Appearance: blond hair, light skin but not pale, wears dresses and headbands
Age: 11
Gender: girl
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble: she would try to get help or try helping by herself
Stuff I might need to know about: she loves bubbles, pink, and playing flute!



She will also be met near the beginning! :D


Great idea! I'd love to edit, but I don't know if I have your email.
I'll settle for being a character, though!
Name Sapphire
Personality Shy, insecure, curious.
Appearance Long, wavy black hair, mostly wears pink, black, blue, and sliver. Always wears a silver necklace.
Age Around 12
*What would they do if a stranger was in trouble"
Hmmm.. She would probably break out of her shyness for a few minutes and sorta boss people around.

Anything else? Never really gets sleep, always stays up.



She will be met somewhat near the beginning. :D

I think I know your email, I may be wrong, I'll try to send an email to you.

@RubyStars I apologize, I don't know your email so you can't be an editor. Sorry!


Name: Blaze
Personality: fierce, kind, brave, helpful
Appearance: tall, pale skin, fierey red hair, athletic, pretty
Gender: Girl
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble: Use her athletic ability and braveness to save the person
Stuff I might need to know about: Works well with others, sometimes can be a little stubborn


Name: Arizona
Personality: shy, nice , has a green thumb in planting , artsy , athletic
Appearance: brown, wavy hair , average height , wears pants and blouses
Age: 12
Gender : girl
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble: She would be brave and help others no matter the risk
Stuff I might need to know about: she works well with others and is very helpful; likes the color yellow


@Kitkat26 and @imaginationPOP9 both are accepted.

They will be met somewhere in the middle of the book.

XD I need boy characters


I'll do a boy character --
Name: Calder
Personality: Can get irritated fast, but always means the best. Is a bit of a philosopher. Always seems kind of tired. Hates being bossed around.
Appearance: Has dark, messy hair and light skin. Wears baggy jeans and t-shirts most of the time.
Age: 13
Gender: boy
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble: Try to help, but he wouldn't put himself in much danger for the other person.
Stuff I might need to know about: Hmmm... Not much!
Hope you like my character!



XD Thanks for the boy character! :D

He will be met somewhere in the beginning and middle.


ok this is my second time filling this form cause last time

Personality:cheerful,happy,fun,full of energy
Appearance:long red hair,green eyes,long red dress ,rosy cheeks ,no makeup and a bit like a rose
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble:help in every way possible cause she believes strangers are friends you have not met
Stuff I might need to know about:she has a connection with roses and they help her and HATES hurting nature


Name: Aroha
Personality: nice, positive, smart, awesome
Appearance: brown short hair, blue eyes, freckles
Age: 13
Gender: Girl
What would they do if a stranger was in trouble: Help them
Stuff I might need to know about: aroha means Love in Maori :blue_heart:


@WinningMonkey and @Rose_Owl accepted!

No more character spots now, I'll be starting to write the book now :D




Awesome! Can't wait!


Oh I came too late. ;-;


Thanks! I can't wait for the book!