Hopscotch Blocks


What blocks would you add too HS? Tell us here!! I would add a set HSB and RGB color block. So that we can just tap the block instead of going into set color the hsb or rgb and then add the numbers.@BB-Box


For people with the subscription, I would deffinetly want to have a "set picture" block!


A 'move towards' block allowing an object to follow another without setting its position directly to it. The other ways of doing it are too laggy and not smooth, or require angles, this block isn't absolutely necessary, but would be cool.


Which "other ways" are you thinking of?


For "move towards."
Like, point towards with move forward which may work, but I've never tried, or that basic way involving X and Y, which is slow and not smooth.


Have you ever tried using set position?
Like this:
Set Position X: (((Object1 X pos...) – (Object 2 X pos...) / 10) Y: (((Object1 Y pos...) – (Object 2 Y pos...) / 10)

Sorry for using text, I don't have access to our iPad at the moment.


I want a "record" block, where we can record music. Although, people might record not-so-appropriate things, so I'm not sure if this is a good idea. But, Scratch has the option and I haven't seen people using it the wrong way!


Yes, I've been practicing it over the summer. Thanks for reminding me!


One block/feature I want, is something similar to Scratch's Cloud variables.


I want basically array/list functionality


Yeah!! That's a cool one!!


Nice I like it!! very cool idea!!


Change image block

And a broadcast block!


A broadcast block is sort of like set value block.
For instance:
Blue Square:
Set Value (Start) to 1
Red Square
{If (Start) = 1
Set Color Pink}
Would be the same as:
Blue Square:
Broadcast (START)
Red Square:
When I receive message (start), set color PINK.


Yeah. I like these ideas. Wait. Why didn't I put the OMTL?!? Let me do that!!


Yea I know but it would be WAY easier.

Like on scratch! It will be more convenient.


Yeah, but for now, Set Value is the way to do it. I know Scratch has a Broadcast block!


HSB/RGB palette that you can save important colours onto instead of retyping them


I've always done that :D

Scratch was always eaiser for me, and I could make more stuff.


Yeah me too. I just started scratch a couple of weeks ago. I think it was 2 weeks ago. IDK but you can check my scratch username is CodingPerfect. Since someone already took CodePerfect​:rage::rage:. Lets GBOT.