Hopscotch Blocks HSB Colors (Free To Use)



Hello! Have you ever wanted to know the HSB colors of Hopscotch Blocks? (for example “Check Once If-loops”). Here, you can find all those colors in one topic. I will probably update this list with more colors later. The colors were found using an online image color picker. Sometimes, I have “rounded” the numbers a little bit as the color picker sometimes showed decimal values. Anyways, here is the list.
The colors are from the latest Hopscotch App version in Spring 2018.

HSB Colors:

“Move Forward Block”: HSB(11,87,83)

“Variable Block”: HSB(45,98,92)

“Control blocks”: HSB(207,71,77)

(The color was picked using a screenshot of the “Check Once If” - block, although it should be the
same for all control blocks)

“When Rule”: HSB(337,79,75)

“When Rule Input”: HSB(337,75,51)

With “When Rule Input”, I mean the “bubble” that is found in every “When Rule”. Examples of “bubbles” are: “When Game Starts”, “When iPad is Tapped” and many more.

I hope that you find this topic useful. Feel free to reply with suggestions, feedbac(k) or anything else! If you want to contribute to this list, feel free to do that as well. If you have more HSB colors to add, you could also post them in this topic (or another topic for sharing HSB Colors):

Also, if this topic is the wrong category - please tell me and I will change the topic´s category.


This could be useful as many people make these blocks in trail art.


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Oh wow! This is actually very cool for people who want to make pfps using these colors…


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