Hopscotch Block Game!



Hi guys! This topic has been recycled, and then turned into a new topic. This topic is a Hopscotch related coding game! You take two blocks and mash them together!

Example: Wait 0 milliseconds + flip = Wait 0 milliseconds then flip!

If you understand, then great! You can even go further at this game! You can mix another block with the creation above you!

Example: @KoalaKrazy: Wait 0 milliseconds then flip
/\ @KoalaKrazy
Wait 0 milliseconds then flip, then send to back!

If you understand, then great! Have fun! Please let me know if this topic get out of controlled and needs to be recycled again! :wink:
@Dylan329 @William04GamerA @Refugeecat123


I'll start it out! :wink:

I'm going to mix....

Change X by __ + Increase value __ by __ = Change X by __ and increase __ by __!


Cool idea!!


Where was i tagged lol


Sorry I was bored...XD

So anyone want to participate in this game?


Ok! So, just to bring up this topic again, I'm going to.....Mix more blocks! :wink:

Wait __ milliseconds + Check once if __ = wait until __ is checked!