Hopscotch black screen



:frowning:️ hopscotch isn't working. When I turn hopscotch on, a black screen with a green triangle at the top left. Please help:frowning:️ 19th of Feb 2016

Your first post?

Screenshots please? You may just have to restart Hopscotch or your iPad.


Thank you so much ! I'll give you ten likes.


Sorry, but I gotta put some humor in.
Was it the Iluminati?


Lol, I don't think so. But sometimes Hopscotch won't open for me too.


It happens with some projects with me when Hopscotch crashes.


Is there a screenshot? We don't know whether it is real or not unless you give a screenshot. :smile:


No I didn't but it's working now.


or just a photo of the screen, a recent glitch @oio found (wait I just realized ha hasn't been active on the forum lately, hmm, why did it take me that long to notice?) disabled the iPad's camera