Hopscotch black color is now actually black


The black color in Hopscotch is now actually black, instead of the grayish color it used to be.


Bro… is this in a new update?

Wow, it actually has been changed, I can’t believe it! Thank you so much THT (@Liza), I always wondered why it was a dark grey colour. It was kinda annoying and I never used it.


That makes me so happy


Wow, I didn’t notice that! (Probably because I’ve gotten used to using HSB and RGB colours instead of the defaults. :P)

This is a pretty nice change, though – I’ve been wondering why it was dark grey instead of black.


Hi, I don’t has new update (sadly) so I don’t know. But YES! I got on featured!


And yes the black is fixed. When I started hopscotch and tried something I was like what’s wrong with the black?


Me too.

I noticed it because I was going to take advantage of it being grayish, but then noticed it was the same as HSB h s 0.

So I used h 0 10 instead.


That’s wonderful, now I don’t have to put in the numbers for RGB or HSB colours.






Well…I’ll have to adjust some code in this pixel art I’m doing


This is so great!
White is also real white and not light gray!


Woooooooh, how amazing this is increadible! Best update ever, I have always waited for this!


Cool! This is a small feature that I think a lot of people have been excited to have on Hopscotch.


Hsb is still better tho


Yes, but as a default colour option, black is very useful to have.


I wasent trying to say i wasent. I just like hsb more