Hopscotch black boxes used for games?



I have been wondering how do people get the black boxes to make a 3D game. Some people change the color to make a 3D game. Please tell me.


you use a special app called fancy key or unisymbole here is a link on how to get fancy key you also get a BUNCH of cool fonts and you get to design your keyboard!
How To Get Fancy Key


If you don't want Fancy Key, look up "unicode characters" on Google, and you'll get a whole list of symbols. If you look up "unicode black box", you'll get it. Then copy it and paste it into your project, and it's done! Otherwise, look "symbols" up on Hopscotch, and you'll get it.


I use keyboard shortcuts to use some fancy symbols


You figured it out? Cool! :slightly_smiling:🙃:slightly_smiling:🙃


What the heck are those empty boxes for


Idk, maybe a box of some sort if you mean these ones ☐.


There are emojis in iOS 9.1 that can't be seen by iPhones/iPads that don't have iOS 9.1 installed. I think that's why there's blank boxes. I see them as well.

Also some emojis/symbols used on the PC won't appear on the iPad/iPhone either.


I have 9.1, so I didn't know what you meant @friendship2468. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks for the replays, I have found out how, thanks.