Hopscotch Birthdays!


Blue spider




@FoodDelivery happy early birthday

im a week early

but idc

so here is ur birthday present

the sweg trophy


Happy Birthday to @FoodDelivery, @XiaoMiaoMi and @Metaforest !


my birthday is tomorrow eheh

But thanks! It means a whole lot, especially from someone of your caliber!

EDIT: I live in the USA, so... yeah.

Random Question lol

Wait, have you watched Spy Kids?
and this is four days late...


Nope, I haven't watched spy kids. (I know what spy kids is though) But @ButterBark might watch it. But remember, stay on topic.:wink:


YAS I has
And this comment is a day late.... XD
In fact, I have seen all of them