Hopscotch Birthdays!


Hi everyone, I was just thinking, if we could celebrate birthdays in real life, maybe we can too in Hopscotch. If anyone has a birthday coming up, ask me to and I will help you have a AWESOME birthday. But, I will need a co. president and a team. There will be only 30 people in athe team, so decide quickly. If you want to join or run for co.pres, tell me. If you don't decide if you want to be the co.president, by the last day of October, you cannot be the co.pres because by then I will put up the votes for co.president. Thanks!


This is great idea, but there's already a topic for it sorry! D:

Do you want to recycle? :D


Hmm... your topic seems a little similar to this topic. Maybe you could recycle? :D

If it's different, I'm sorry, I wasn't sure. :D


mine was 4 days ago


No because that topic says birthdays, this one celebrates them. :D


No, I don't want to recycle. I want to start the one and only Birthday club by me. And besides, just because there's already another topic about this doesn't mean I can't make another one.


Cool idea! Mine was August 28 but there are a lot of people who have upcoming birthdays!



@FoodDelivery's birthday is coming next!


@PopTart0219 omg switch to sprint














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We should try and not have duplicate topics. There is a topic/s like this, so maybe you can post in there.


Christmas scented Doritos


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