Hopscotch Birthday!



Guess what's coming up soon? Hopscotch's birthday!

On April 16, Hopscotch will be turning three! Anyone else feeling old? :grin:

What will you do to celebrate? Make a card? Make a project? Who knows! Tell everyone your favorite moments and how you stumbled upon Hopscotch!

On the forums, we'll be having a party! :tada:

Make a wish Hopscotch!

When is Hopscotch's Birthday?
Happy 3rd Birthday Hopscotch!

About to make this topic!!
Soo excited!



I haven't been here long enough to experience the last (i cri evrytiem) but this is going to be awesome! I'll make a project (if I remember).

  • Happy birthday hopscotch!
  • Happy anniversary hopscotch!



Wow! Hopscotch is still a baby! I will make something!


Yay! :D

I've been thinking about it for a few months, I celebrated it on hopscotch last year...

But I forgot the date.

And... Then I tried to remember it, beacuase I wanted to make a big project for hopscotch, but I needed the date beforehand so I could start on a project not one day before it. XD

What a long story. XD

I shall start on a project soon... :3


Happy Birthday Hopscotch
By tankt2016

Happy Birthday Hopscotch
Happy Birthday Hopscotch!
Happy Birthday, Dear Hopscotch
Happy Birthday Hopscotch!




I put it on my calendar because why not :P





I already started the project!

I'm the one that emailed you the other day, from my phone tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me do that right now!



Wow! I am feeling old I have been hopspctching since 2014!!


I added it to my calendar! I Will not take
Pic though becuase there would be a lot of stuff I would need to blur for safety!


Thanks for telling us this! I'll definetly make something!


Wow, I just noticed that I joined in the same month that HS was born!
I'm now roughly a HS year old!


How about a rattle? Or the complete series of Doc McStuffins?


I making a hopscotch birthday project now!


My fav moment on Hopscotch was when I got my first..
I love it EVERYDAY on Hopscotch!!!
I stumbled upon it when I was just browsing the app store!
Happy birthday, hopscotch! :confetti_ball:


Better get started on a b-day project!!!