Hopscotch Birthday Projects!



YAY! HOPSCOTCH'S BIRTHDAY IS ALMOST HERE! I'm coming out hopefully with a secret game tomorrow, and I think it might be feature worthy. Anyways, here is the first project. (THIS IS NOT THE GAME!!)


Not to correct proportions.
Hopscotch B'day Project


What does this exactly mean?


@GracefulIcing1 it is a special episode of my Hopscotch Tv Series, High School.
Or do you mean NTCP?
That means the image has been resized in the post editor, and the image isn't the right size, so things look warped from how they actually are.


I still don't know what i should do for HS birthday!


One I made in my account:
Happy Birthday Hopscotch!
And one I made in Collab account:


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I'm already done. U can check out my projects!


i really want to finish in time!


Oh my... Hello Featured... It's ready...

Gah where is da emoji

oh there



I made a card for it! Nobody has signed it yet though....


I made this:
Project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xwjwy7cre5


Here's my project! It has music too! Wait and there's two parts! :D

I hope you like it!