Hopscotch Birthday Project!



Hi! I made a project for Hopscotch's birthday on April 16!
Here is the link-

Random stuff about the project
  • I put four candles on the cake because Hopscotch is turning four ^-^

  • I put Easter eggs on the cake because Hopscotch's birthday is on Easter (This might be different in your time zone idk lol)

  • I put Star Girl on the rope because she only moves her legs when you make her change pose, and it looked better then if I put the any of the other characters, who move a lot more.

Lolly's Code Tag List

@Petrichor (lolly's really good)

What do you think? :D


I like it.


Thank you!!!!!! :D


I love it lolly! (LOL lolly is in my autocorrect!)


Thank you too!!!!!!! Lol X3


Let's talk on my new general topik!


Okay!!!!!!!!! :D


Awesome @lollypopcorn :DDDD


Thank you artsy!!!!!

I worked on it for a long time last night X3


Np :3333
I bet lol


Lololol yee XD

I'm gonna tag you in laserpais general topic X3


XD okie


Its bday is on easter!???


Yeah, I asked the Hopscotch team what day it was on and they said April 16 and that's Easter sooo ;D


Wow cool!



That's why I put the eggs there ;D It says that in the topic tho so you probably already knew that's why XD


I wanted to see it anyone made me a bday project that I didn't see, and I searched up Happy Birthday on the app, all I got was Easter stuff. Then I realized Hopscotch's birthday was on Easter this year. XD


OMG that's so good!!! I need to start making a B day card for HS


Hopscotch birthday is tomorrow? Better get working on some project xD

Nice @lollypopcorn


Thank you @Explorer_ and @MR.GAM3R!!