Hopscotch Birthday Party 2017!


Hi there,

In less than a month, Hopscotch will be turning 4 years old! This year, we need to do something unique, fun, and entertaining. I am very open for ideas, then we can have a vote!




Should you put the OMTL
but this is cool


What does OMTL mean?


Omtl stands for...


Ya! Great idea! We had one last year, we should really have another one!


When is Hopscotch's B Day?


Hopscotch's birthday is on April 16 @Explorer_ :smiley:


Ok good to know!

OMG! hi Senpai!!!!!!!!!!


This is the topic

You can open the window that says tag list and just copy and paste the list here


Oh hi @Intellection74
Oh I thought it was in June or July lol XD🤣:joy:


Okay guys. I'm open for any ideas

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Hmmmmmm. I have an idea. A four level game where you have to do something that gets progressively harder.


Last year, everyone just made hopscotch logo's. Everything looked the same


I'll try to make something, it's amazing that HS are turning 4 years old.


Oh my gosh, so many memories are coming back of last year's party... XD

I was SO new and tried to fit in but failed XD

I also remember the project I made! Too bad there'll be no project from me this year..


Oh, well, the forum's birthday is on July 16, so maybe you were thinking of that XD

@maltese ah, yes, the memories


Oh! Thank you. I was thinking of Hopscotch App's bday, but I had no idea that July 16 was the forums birthday!


Oooh I can't wait to see all of the birthday projects. Last year I did a cat balloon thing (with an amazing pun included, mind you :joy:):

I kind of what to challenge myself this year. I was thinking of doing something like this (with trail art):

(By this artist)


Okay @Explorer_ @Maltese @Petrichor @William04GamerA @Paige1212

We are going to do our first poll. (Is below)

  • Birthday Logos (Just like last year)
  • A birthday four level game


Choose up to 2 options

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