Hopscotch Birthday challenge!



Hi you guys and gals. So my birthday is in a week and I want to hold a coding challenge!
Code something based on a birthday or me! It can be anything! Here is a twist though.You only have a week to make the project.
Send a link to this topic.
So it is due on July 8th.
@PixelMaster64 and @Maltese could you plz be the judges? If you can not plz tell me someone that is available.
You can also decide the prizes!


Hopscotch Birthday Challenge Results!

Do we send you a link of the project when we're done?



Me? :0

I'm a bit confused lol

Thanks so much! ;u;

I would love to be a judge! c:

I'm a bit busy, though. :0

This makes me feel so special, thanks so much ;u;


Wait, me!? :0

I'm in Mexico.... I'm in Cancun... There no internet there.... I'm in a Internet restaurant right now.... I can do this on Wednesday tho :3


Thanks @PixelMaster64 and @Maltese!


You're welcome! :0

Thanks so much for picking me! ;u;


That would be great!


Yeah. I added it to the post yesterday.


Is anyone participating other than @Catface4?


Or I think she is participating?


Are you guys going to participate?
I am just asking since you liked this post.


I'm sorry, I'm very busy right now! If I have time I'll try to participate! :D


I would like to participate! Well, if I have the time. Great Idea tho!


Ha! I'm done!
Hope you <3 it!


Thanks! It is awesome!


@Catface4 are you participating?


@Serenity are you participating?
EDIT: never mind. You do not have hopscotch anymore.:cry::cry::cry:.


Thanks for replying!




Thanks @happyfacegirl!