Hopscotch Birthday Challenge Results!


I had a challenge that ended a longgggg time ago. Here is the link http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/hopscotch-birthday-challenge/18919?u=kubajr
The winners are:

1st: @DancingLollipop! (You get 50 likes, 3 drawing requests, logo request, shoutout and a game request!)

2nd: @happyfacegirl (You get 30 likes, 2 drawing requests, logo and a shoutout!)

3rd: @DreamerGirl (You get 20 likes,1 drawing request, and a logo!)

Runner up: @Catface4 (10 likes)


Comment your usernames below and when I get all of them I will hand out prizes!


Thanks! Urm who do i tell my drawing requests to?


Me! (I know I am a terrible artist XD)


Ok! Can you draw me what you think happyfacegirl would look like? (Just guess) um and also... a kawaii microwave cause why not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi! What's your HS user?
Congrats to the winners!


I am HoneyDew​:honey_pot:/kubajr


Lol long time but I am working on your request. I procrastinate WAYYYYYYYYYYYY to much XD


Lols thanks