Hopscotch Beta with IOS 9



Did anyone get IOS 9? Well if you did and you have the Hopscotch Beta app you know it says this:

Anyone know what the Hopscotch Team is going to do?


I have IOS 9 and this is what happened:

No error message it just loaded and did what it was supposed to do
Otherwise I don't know what's wrong maybe it's has to do with your settings but idk


I know on the iPhone iOS 9 beta, if you go into Settings>General>Profiles you'll be able to adjust the settings and trust app developers, but I'm not sure about iPad iOS 9.

Update: yep it seems to be the case with the iOS 9 official release too. I read that from here.


Actually it's settings> Privacy> Diagnostic and usage data and then turn on share with app developers


Great! Thanks @Gabe_N


No problem @t1_hopscotch


Actually it's in settings>general>profile>Hopscotch Enterprice app (or something like that) and then tap "Trust"


Easy to fix.
Go to Settings>>>General>>>Profiles & Device Management>>> Hopscotch Technologies then click Trust.


This is a dead topic so really isn’t worth reviving due to the problem being fixed.


Lol, I know. Almost a year ago.