Hopscotch Beta Tester? Help


Hey @Liza! How do I become a Hopscotch Beta Tester? Can you guys make me one? Thanks, PopTart0219 :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Poptart! I'm not Lisa, but to become a beta tester you have to email the hopscotch team at hello@gethopscotch.com. In your email tell them that you want to be a beta tester and they'll reply as soon as possible!


Can I be beta tester, too? Penguin Gaming:penguin:


email the hopscotch team (i think you will love it it is so fun!)


I agree it's totes fun!


Kk! I've emailed and just tested a new update!


I sent Hopscotch an email now :smiley:


Whats hopscotch's email?


@glow12 You can email Hopscotch at help@gethopscotch.com


I though it was hello@hopscotch.com?


I think you can use either, it's just I use help@gethopscotch.com


True you test new updates on the beta version it's awesome!!! :sweat_smile:


what did you email to them?
did you just say, like, may i please be a beta tester?


Hello, if it is possible I would like to become a beta game tester.

Thank you very much.
You name

Then you can add/change anything you like.


thanks! this will help me a lot.


This was my first post (and topic)!

Thank you to the kind people that are now gone :slight_smile:


I'm still here XD

I wasn't talking to you though lol


You have to email the hopscotch team @PopTart0219 also this is your first post


Congrats you've found my first post that's great


Bump. Yeah, definitely emailing THT.