Hopscotch Beta needs fixing!




Ooh times 3!


This is weird… by the way, those 3 previous images I faked using a bug… :slight_smile:


Ooh, that would be cool if there was such things as a “move by screen tap duration” or smthn like that!


Do you know exactly how to replicate this bug, of the blinking parameter input box?


The input of the ‘When’ block? You just put any when in there, then hold down on it, then you press delete and it starts flashing like a square, and then like a circle and then like a square, etc etc etc.


I’ve found this bug, but it’s not consistent, meaning that it won’t happen 100% of the times I press delete. Does it happen to you all the time?


Can you help us replicate the bug from the previous images? The one where there’s no parameters?


Yeah. It happens whenever I do it.


To get rid of the parameters do this: (It can be any value, and any block.)

Then drag the very edge of the value (where I circled) into another block. It should look like this:

Then it looks like this!

If you delete the original value, the fake disappears.


Ah, yes! This is really helpful and very interesting. It only works with the border. Bugbusters!


Doesn’t just work with values either…


This is… ahh… interesting… @Rodrigo



Welll… @rodrigo


Wow! You a) are hacker or b) have the most buggy version of Hopscotch I’ve seen.


It’s the latter. I am trying to break it, but I’m definitely not a hacker and you just need to know how the bugs work.


Hopscotch used to be drag and drop completely (old editor).
Also, when will this beta be finished and released? Before Christmas? @Rodrigo


I dunno when this is gonna be released. I also didn’t know that the old editor was drag and droppable. Interesting.