Hopscotch Beta needs fixing!


This is kind of funny, to be honest. Hopscotch Beta is messed up. I did this just by trying to drag things around. This might need fixing…


That’s weird. Too bad I don’t have TestFlight or I’ll be willing to do a thorough investigation on this. Nice observation, though! The beta looks cool!


This is definitely weird…


I was going to say the same thing as you. This is really weird. I would also like to test the application myself. If these bugs just get fixed, the new update is going to be awesome, I think! :slight_smile:


That is strange…@ana, @rodrigo, @liza, @awesomeonion, any ideas?

And that’s why it’s called “beta”.


Ana created a topic specifically to get feedbac k on this beta version (3.33.0). I suggest that the posts from this topic should be moved there to make it easier for THT to find and keep up with.


When you break Hopscotch so hard…

I should probably make an actual bug report, shouldn’t I…


How many are there

@Awesome_E we should see what happens when you have more than one when in a thing it may be useful

I can check later but if you can see before then let me know what happens


Could you publish that actually and give a link thanks :llama:


When you realise you broke the system…

Here’s the link to a project:


It doesn’t seem to have any functionality…

If it worked, you could do so much! Oh well…


Wow… that is super, super weird. And yes, you should probably make a bug report for this one.


Imagine if this worked! That would be amazing…


That kinda already works on tynker. But yes that would be cool!


I have Tynker, but I never really got into it. It’s all kinda complicated. I like HS.


Yes, I understand. But that feature in HS like you presented is really cool and should be implemented in HS.


We already know check once if when’s don’t work, E tested that a bit ago. Let me know if you find anything else though.



Could you give a link to a project with that many whens?

New winter characters

Nah, sorry. When you publish the project, all the extra whens dissapear, at least that’s what I’ve seen so far.


Another day, another glitch. (Or two…)

By the way, does anyone else have these characters? Or is it just the beta people?