Hopscotch Beta: disappearing Object parameter


Hello Hopscotchers

While doing some testing on the Hopscotch Beta version of the app, I found this bug (see attached image), but haven’t been able to replicate it.

Has anyone with the Hopscotch Beta only been able to successfully replicate this bug? This means knowing the exact steps so you can make Hopscotch fail in the same way.

If so, please let us know (also that means you’re a hardcore Hopscotcher, by the way).

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


Hello @Rodrigo (and welcome back). Could you confirm which version of the Beta you’re working with. TestFlight currently shows 3.33.0(18)

I assume the number in parentheses is a “sub versioning” of the 3.33.0 Beta? So I assume this version number is also important to reference as behavior could change with different versions?


I don’t have the beta unfortunately, but I hope that you can get this solved!


I’ve probably seen this at some point. There’s so many weird glitches on the beta. I wouldn’t know how to replicate it though.


The latest Beta I have access to is from yesterday, but the public Beta must be the one you mention, 3.33.0 (18).