Hopscotch beta :D


Hopscotch beta is what I use its pretty cool download it it's awesome



Can you use hopscotch beta on Android?


I believe so. I'm not 100 percent sure


I don't know if we should just be sharing the beta to openly download, the point of it is to beta test and find bugs, after all.


Well some people just got there iPads back and can't download the app


I don't think you should share beta's as CC said :\

They are supposed to be exclusive for beta testers to find bugs and report back through emails and posting :wink: it's not for randomly downloading and using.
You can sign up to beta test by emailing Liza :D


wait u can use it on laptop??? what??


??? confused??? laptop beta??
also does a beta tester a;ways have to be active?
how can u join?
can u quit being beta tester if u know its not right job for u?


I can't play hopscotch without the beta :frowning:


Why not?


My AppStore want load cause my iPad supervisor is stirct about the iPads



Well, you can use the beta but you probably shouldn't just share it because it's there for a reason and only beta testers are supposed to have it because they are giving research and feedback to THT :wink:


Please can I use it :(((



Are you a beta tester?

If your going to use it Atleast try to give a little feedback :D


Well it's very very good and cool it has no lag or anything



Ok! You might want to reply to Liza through emailing or tagging :wink:


Ok I will lol

Jdhdrghdhdhr sorry I had to have 20'charatfer


K :D


like if u were on vacation and do u have to test all the time maybe ur busy?

thanks for answering btw!!