Hopscotch Bestie



I know it's not very nice to have a "favorite" on Hopscotch but I think it's okay if I say I like every person on Hopscotch, but there is one person who is very nice and great at coding. Her name is JaszyKake!
Do you have one? :wink:


@LotsaPizza and @Poptart0219
Pls people don't start flaming against us again....


@OrangeScent1 and @PopTart0219
plz ppls dont start throwing rocks at us again


What do you mean?????


People were mad at us for having best friends


Why is that wrong?????


Idk -there needs to be a shrug emoji-


Oh weeeeeellllllll.... :frowning:


Yeah. We were chillin, and then this guy came up to us and said that we're not friends.


That doesn't make sense though


Guess they're jelly... @OrangeScent1 @PopTart0219 :wink:
Remember CodeLife? There needs to be a shudder emoji


I remember
There needs to be a nodding emoji
Like seriously, they have 5 different train emojis, but no shrug emoji.

Step up your game, Apple


Apple I love u but really


You two are funny and popular on Hopscotch... But why would they be mad? :neutral_face:


Its all Tim Cook's fault. Sorry, but Tim Cook is part of the Illuminati, and he is actually Steve Jobs in disguise


They're mad because they think we're shunning them which is

Not true btw


Aren't people supposed to be nice and respect ideas????


But wait... I think I have an answer....

Life is confusing


Eh, I think that @Follow4LikesOfficial and I are friends. I just don't have any official "best" friends on Hopscotch.


Yeah that's fine, I just like JaszyKake a lot. I met her on Hopscotch like what, 1 and a half years ago?