Hopscotch Beep Noise Glitch



Hey, forum community!

Whenever I try to enter one of my drafts, a buzzing sound starts and won't stop until I exit Hopscotch. What does this mean?


You should email hopscotch about the bug :wink: the email is: help@gethopscotch.com


Weird. Does it happen when you're in one certain draft or all of them?

I would definitely email about this


One certain draft @PopTart0219.
@SapFire thanks!


You can do @ Liza if you need that draft :wink:.


I would check to see if you put any music in that could make that sound


I put no noises in there. It only buzzes when I have my volume up... :confused:


Ohh that happens to me in scratch I add a sound and I goes Bzzzzzzzzzz so this might of happened on hopscotch too!



Can you try to publish it?


@BuildASnowman, it's already been published :smile_cat: Cat is happy that buzzing stopped