Hopscotch Backstories/Diary Entries! (Write Your Own)



So this is a topic where oh can share your Hopscotch Backstories nad just personal experiences, you can keep a Hopscotch Diary here, or just if you want to talk about experiences!

I will pst my own backstory and some other interesting things I have encountered, this is just like a topic where you can talk about pretty much anything and everything!
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Today, I thought about how absurd it is to let an online forum upset you, but at the same time I thought about how great my friends on here are. Then, I almost started crying…



My forum backstory! Part 1
I joined the forum on May 31st, 2017. The only reason I had done it was so I could get more into collabs, which is what I have recently started doing, after months of coding. I joined as @HopscotchRemixer, because my HS username,OfficialHopscotchRemixer, was to long for a forum name. So yeah. I tried to make friends, and the first one I ever made was actually @Rawrbear, who also happened to be the first person who ever replied to me, which was nice. I also wanted to join the ScotchHop Team Collab, but @JonnyGamer said people couldn’t join until they got their hacker situation fixed. And guess what, this is were it kind of started, what we still do today, cipher solving. It started off with @Gobli09 and me, solving Orbi’s ciphers. Which eventually we got more people to do. Eventually @Gobli09 got way better than me, because I wasn’t on the forum as much as her, but I was still pretty good. After a few months, we were finished up with the hacker, after some help with @t1_hopscotch and with Orbi herself. But, lets go back in time again. When I made my first general topic, I have to say I still didn’t know anything about the forum, because I put it in Announcements, ya know, back when anyone could put stuff in announcements? Well it got quickly moved to Random Stuff, in which I couldn’t see it because I was a basic. So no general topic for a few days. Also I talked with @Gobli09 and my new friend, @WynterDiamond, and we talked frequently, manly on Gobli’s General Topic, and later Gobli’s General Topic II.
End Of Part I


Hopscotch Diary
Trending stopped working today for some reason. Got nothing done with my pixel art today. Published poll on what type of projects I should make.


*she is Oribi, great story though!


I’m 3 years old. I was in hospital. I remember those light blue walls and white beds. I was kinda happy (don’t ask).
There was a shop (“Carousel”) near the hospital btw. And a playground, yeah. When I left the hospital, me, my mom and even dad were playing there.
Russia was recovering from the revolution.
I was happy.
But this won’t repeat, no. It’s getting worse and worse. I can’t forgive. I won’t forgive.
↑ For some reason, this reminds me of my projects “Colored” and “Rainbow Ball”. Don’t ask again. XD


My freind jadejem (who left hs) introduced me to hs and i’v been on ever since



I was looking through old trashy art on my old hs account and I usually got 30+ likes and still never got trending. I got 75 likes on one. But the art was horrible XD


hello! I’ll make a hopscotch diary :D anyone want to join my tag list?


I can read your Hopscotch Diary!