Hopscotch background color? RGB of HSB



Hey y’all! I’m workin’ on a boatload of new projects after being inactive for a year! I’ve missed a bunch of updates, and the old color that makes a project thumbnail ‘invisible’ is not working anymore. Can anyone tell me the new HSB?


Okay, that sounds interesting : D hope it works out!


Is this what you are looking for:

If so, the HSB color code is HSB(0,0,91). Keep in mind that the project thumbnail needs to be zoomed in a little bit for this to work, it cannot be completely zoomed out unfortunately.


HSB(0,0,91) is close as you can get.


UPDATE: So I was playing around with stuff, and discovered that a shape, enlarged to cover the whole screen, makes the project look invisible with an invisibility of 97. Hope this helps! In my experience, this works better than a HSB trail background.

Check this out -> https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zkmaron9g


Thank you! This will work x100!