Hopscotch awards πŸŽ™



Hey guy! Btw on hopscotch I am PandicornsRULE:unicorn::panda_face:
I am making something called hopscotch awards inspired by lots of hopscotchers. It's basically where there are some catogeries and you need to nominate someone for that category.
Here they are
Friendliest Hopscotcher:
Helpful Hopscotcher:
Best coding Hopscotcher:
Best artist:
Please choose only one person for each one. You can't put the same name more than once.
Here is how I will choose the winner for each category:
I will choose the top three most popular hopscotchers, then in a week or so I will tell you them (on April 1st) then I will ask you to vote out of the three.
Thank you so much if you read all of this. Thank you! Bye!:sparkling_heart:


Can there be less known hopscotchers not popular hopscotchers?


Great idea but if I someone put a name down they might feel offended


Hmmm.............I'm not sure what you can do. I'll think about it. If you need anything just @ me


Ok! But I mean I'm not a very good Hopscotcher I only made this so people would feel good about themselves. Please do it! @RubyWolf1


I can do it with you!


Ok sure! Thanks. Well please persuade people to come!
You are a FANTASTIC Hopscotcher @RubyWolf1


Everyone here is friendly, awesome at coding and art, and so helpful.




This sounds like a awesome idea!:smiley:



This is a cool idea in meaning, but I don't think you should do it.

These have been done before, and many people feel hurt and that they aren't good enough (like me!) I always end up 10% in polls, and it makes me feel terrible! It also makes me feel terrible when others don't win polls!

That's why I wouldn't do it. Sorry :frowning: