You probably clicked on this to nominate someone well your wrong, Please Read

Why do people do awards?? Don't Anwser that!!

People do hopscotch awards for the fun of doing it and people how might have achieved many things. But do you really think that it's fair that the same people get chosen each time for the awards, but there are people out in the community that are awesome but don't get chosen. Even on the awards that were meant to be for the "unpopular" they became awards just like any others, for the same people.
Now I'm not exactly saying to stop all awards but to think about others as we all started there.


First Time Ever Using This



I already try my best to nominate the more "unknown" or "unpopular" people, but I agree.


Amazing point!
Some people are awesome coders, but nobody knows about them.
Or sees them, assumes they are bad (sadly) because they haven't seen them before.
I try to look at most of the profiles in my activity.


@DMF or @Zetax are just such people, with amazing projects and they don't get noticed.

I agree with @WinningMonkey, it is not really fair.


Wait... I already am noticed, right?

So is DMF.

Both of us have got on to featured. Him twice and me once. Is DMF a he? (no offence).

I still get like, fan stuff. People saying their so happy I liked their project. Turns out, I like any project that's worked hard on.

What do you mean by not fair?

P.S Your projects are completely superb, AHappyCoder. Mantid is one of my favourite games on Hopscotch!!


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Now I have 5 featured, you - 3 :slight_smile: Great job! :D