Hopscotch Awards



I just thought of the best idea ever. We should hold an award show for Hopscotch! We could have different categories/awards like Pixel Art or Quizes. The judges could be @moderators. Good luck winning an award!


  • Pixel Art
  • Trail Art
  • Best Artist (Drawing pad or paper!)
  • Decorations
  • Random Design
  • Quiz
  • Interactive Game
  • Best Hopscotch Clan
  • New Coder
  • Rising/Trending Coder
  • Best Music
  • Best 3D Art
  • Biggest Troll
  • Most Positive
  • Most Ideas

Comment any more below in the comments and I will add them to this list. :wink:

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Do we nominate others?


Yes. Also say what category.


Didn't we do the Hopscotch Oscars already with @SmileyAlyssa and @LotsaPizza? This is sort of a repeat.


Can you name all the categories?


Oh. I didn't know that. Sorry.


It's ok! We are doing one for 2016 too! :D Great Idea!


I nominate @SmilingSnowflakes for text art


Thanks! Want to host it? It will get more attention that way.


Thank you! :D


I don't have much time D: Sorry!
Lately I've been struggling with keeping up with mah projects
Sad ;-;


I think a 2016 one is a goo idea. @TheLogoMaster can you give us a list of categories to nominate people in?


Want to host it? It will get more attention that way. In some award shows, the host still wins an award...


Check the main topic.:wink: I added a list of categories and I will add more if any suggestions come up.


@TheLogoMaster I think you should host it. You came up with the idea. Maybe @SmilingSnowflakes can be like the publicity manager or something. Her job could be to talk about the awards and get people to vote.


Will nominate tomorrow. Time to to go to bed in my time zone. :sleeping::sleeping:


I wonder if I will get nominated. Probably not. XD

Anyways, I nominate @SmileyAlyssa for best Possitivity spreader! :smile:


I nominate you for best positivity spreader. If that's even a thing... XD


It will be a thing in 2 minutes!


Can there be a category of Best Artist?