Hopscotch Awards Autumn! [RESULTS!]



Well Done to all nominees! Christmas awards coming soon!

Hi Nobody has done this in a while so yeah! You can vote but tag me and I will edit it. When there is 3 or more for a topic we wil do a poll!

Best Ideas-@MR.GAM3R @KawaiiRose

Best Trail Art-@William04GamerA @KayKat @PIANOMAN @Maltese

Best pixel art-@BB-Box @Dylan329

Best Game Making-@CreationsOfANoob @HopscotchRemixer

Best Topic Ideas-@lollypopcorn @HopedHoper(/Me)

Best Musician-

Nicest Person-@treefrogstudios @KayKat @MiNi @KawaiiRose @Explorer_ @lollypopcorn @sophia71205 @Gobli09

Most Silliest and Funnest-@Grizzlyzoe @KVJ

Best Graphics-@CreationsOfANoob @DMF

Best Quiz Maker-@codingCupcake123 @Eliza

Best Collab-

Best helper-@lollypopcorn @ThinBuffalo

Best Math Projects

Please Vote for candidates for any of these awards!
Don’t be sad if you are not picked because there are no winners and los.ers!
Everyone is Awesome At Coding!


I nominate @William04GamerA for trail art, and @CreationsOfaNoob for best games and graphics.


Thank you! I will nominate you for best pixel arts and I will second your other nomination.


Thanks for nominating as well as @William04GamerA


Already on 11 Likes!


I nominate Dylan329 for pixel art, Kay Kat for trail art, codingCupcake123 for best quiz maker, Kay Kat and MiNi for kindest person, t1 and ThinBuffalo for best helpers, and lollypopcorn for best topic ideas


A lot of Nominations!:scream:
Don’t worry I’ll get those down


I nominate @lollypopcorn for best helper, @Grizzlyzoe for most silliest and funniest, and @treefrogstudios for nicest person ƪ(˘ᴗ˘)┐


I nominate @KawaiiRose for best ideas!


Aww thats so sweet <333


yw, your posts on the hamilton topic are always gr8


Thank you so much @sophia71205 and @Ihasfluffycupcakes!! That means a lot to me :D


But it is winter :o and it is cold ;-;


Aw thank you :DD

That’s super nice of you, but I really don’t like these awards things. They’re like popularity contests that only make people feel bad. :P


Oh sorry, I didn’t think of that because I don’t care if I don’t get nominated in these. That’s why I voted you for nicest, because I didn’t care if people feel bad or not :upside_down_face:


I nominate @DMF for best graphics


I nominate Flame and ice for best quiz makers, @MR.GAM3R for best ideas


I just noticed that I have never one an award😰Nobody likes me…


Don’t say that, lots of people like you! (I do too!) I’m sure you will get one some day! :D


Do say that?:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: