Hopscotch Awards 2018 (Results Out Now On Page 220!)



I can read what HopscotchRemixer’s post says. It clearly states the time for in my time zone.


Ok I didn’t know because I’m the same time zone as him


Heck wow i wasn’t expecting to be so high up


u spelt @JonnyGamer wrong <33 sorry frendo also woAh U pUt ME iN


Nindroid did for most supportive friend


not @ me losing the vote LMAOOOOO


O geez ty guys for top of most supportive friend <3


Who has like notifications on?

  • I have them on
  • I don’t

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Some of these results are messed up…
I’m higher than Mimi and Katie on best overall and most supportive friend, and I’m tied with Katie on best trail artist…that’s not right.


It’s a poll. People vote for who they think is better. It’s just opinionated. I mean, I’d probably be best spamliker if I had more likes. I wish I had more likes. ; D


I can prove my cipher solving skills and hilarious makeovers of random letters and numbers that have no key to them.


Can you solve this word scramble?

S n c o p e a e e y m m t a n m x l e s r t e y a t h i

Hints on my GT.


I’m excited to see the results!


I’m surprised I’m not an option for ‘best artist’.
I’m trying not to be biased towards myself but I think my art is pretty good…
Was it just because I don’t post as much art?

Or maybe I’m really not as good as I thought…


Your good, trust me, you just don’t post enough art :slight_smile:


same heheh (but four times)


Thanks for letting me know.
Maybe I’ll post more often…


yall shouldn’t have nominated me if u don’t use that same energy to vote just saying


I think people messed up big time on some of the polls. ** cough cough most forgiving person cough cough cough**
Also, I’m pretty sure there are 3-4 nominations for Best Hacker and Best Shape Artist both. Maybe you just didn’t add them in, because I remembered seeing a couple more nominations that weren’t on any of the lists.


Yeah…** cough cough best spamliker cough cough **