Hopscotch Awards 2018 (Results Out Now On Page 220!)



I nominate @SarcasticTvHead for shdhmsdhejdnddmkgaagsandwich




Oh yeah what were you gonna make my reaction in Rex’s comic


I’ll post it later


ily you are dedicated to the English alphabet


Shut UP ms.rex


yes ik ik i’m so obsessed


thanks to everyone who nominated me for best trail artist even though ive been ia for 2 years…!


All updated! Wow 51 replies :scream:


And there used to be two S’s in ye olden days.


can I nominate people as well?
If so, I nominate @YogiLC for best artist, good friend and best spamliker, and @DMF for good friend and best spamliker.


I nominate @TheDrawer for best Spamliker and most supportive friend. I nominate @Petrichor (@NindroidGames?) for most supportive friend


@Petrichor is also @PETRlCHOR and is also @Themasterofairjitzu and @NindroidGames.


No way you are back? @sophia71205


Yeah, they’ve been on for the past day or so.


I nominate @Ducks_Happy for most helpful because they taught me how to use hopscotch. Also for best spamliker.


Awww thanks!


Nominations are now closed! Thank you to everyone for Nominating! The polls will be up by the end of tomorrow (hopefully)


Hopscotch Awards 2018 Polls

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Best Coder

Best Artist-

Best Trail Artist-

Best Pixel Artist-

Best Shape Artist-
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Best Game Creator-

Most Creative Games-

Best Graphics In Games-

Best Music Maker-

Best Illusion Maker-

Most Helpful-

Best At Decoding Ciphers-

Best Hacker-
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Best Spamliker-

Most Supportive Friend-
*Note: You may vote up to 3 times on this poll do to the amount of nominations

Best Tag List-

Most Forgiving Person-

Best Topic-

  • The First Drawing On Paper Compared To IPad
  • Hopscotch Awards 2018
  • Nominations For Featured
  • Make A Hopscotcher Melt With Kindness!
  • Xman0417’s Shipping Topic

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that moment when you thought you got nominated